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Key Germany Sports Betting Issues

From Frankfurt to Berlin, Dortmund to Munich, the German online sports betting market offers bettors with excellent choice in providers.  Many other European countries have developed heavily restrictive legislation which has reduced the freedom of choice for their sports betting enthusiasts.  While Germany has introduced its own legislation and regulation, the German market is so important that most top bookmaker companies want to serve it and have thus moved to adhere to these laws and regulatory requirements.

The purpose of this site is to publish research into identifying the best German sports betting providers.  This might sound simple, but the German market is tougher to assess with so much choice.  You see, there are several sportsbook companies that purport to focus on the German betting market.  You know many of the names if you watch the Bundesliga.  These companies might offer a website in German and offer betting in the Euro, but as online sportsbooks, do they measure up in terms of cutting edge technology, trustworthiness, reputation, sports coverage, bonuses, betting market choice, banking options and competitive odds.  

Here are my findings: While some of the incumbent, long-established companies in the German market remain, the best option is shown below.      

Most online sportsbooks are focused on the average bettor.  As such, there are limits placed the amount that can be bet or that can be won.  Smaller companies are at a higher risk of a big loss, and thus they tend to have lower limits.  

On the spectrum of how much people wager on a given match, if you feel you are on the higher end with considerably high stakes, you should read about the sites that offer the highest limits to ensure the sportsbook you choose can accept your wagers.

High Limit

Key to your sportsbook experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen banking methods.  

It is no coincidence that every sportsbook listed on this site offers Euro betting accounts.  Similarly, you can view the most popular banking methods that are compatible transacting Euros or other currencies of your choice as a German customer.

How German sporting preferences helped to shape this list

From a sporting perspective, by event attendance, by bet volume and by the amount of money that is bet from Germany, football is by far the most important sport.  Given this, the betting sites that we felt would be the best for German players needed to be sites that offer extensive football coverage in terms of not only German domestic leagues and a wide array of available betting markets, but also live betting  on these events.  

Beyond this, the sites also needed to cover top European and leagues and competitions in a similar fashion and all of this with reasonably competitive odds.  Due to the regulatory issues in Germany, some sites work with really high odds margins making for really low odds.  For online bookmakers that serve Germany, I am confident that our pick of all available sites ticks all the boxes to offers an incredible service to football fans in Germany.

While football is king in Germany, this does not mean that other important sports can be ignored or given cursory attention.  Highly popular sports like ATP tennis, Basketball Bundesliga, DEL hockey and popular North American leagues like the NFL, NBA and NHL also required excellent coverage to ensure inclusion into our list.  

Why is this site are better than highly advertised names in Germany

If you identify with being German and have nationalistic leanings and you want to bet with a company of German origin, understand that none of the main brands that you might identify as German-focused are actually German.  In fact, all of the largest sportsbooks brands that focus almost purely on the German market are in fact registered, located and were run from Malta or Gibraltar.  Thus, you should not think you are somehow supporting a German company by registering with them.  While they might be run from Schleswig-Holstein or another German gaming jurisdiction, the parent companies are typically run from other places.

Although few of the betting sites listed as the best for German bettors spend a lot of money advertising their brands within Germany, all eight of them offer betting in German from both their desktop and mobile betting platforms as well as in support.  These companies value your business sufficiently to offer this language option to you.  It is also important to note that the reputation of the companies listed above are as good as any in the World.

High Limit Sports Betting from Germany

The best online sports betting sites for players in Germany - #ad

Top Germany Betting Bonuses

bet365 covers football, basketball & ice hockey comprehensively in terms of the number of leagues & betting markets. They have the most intuitive interfaces for mobile and desktop and they constantly innovate with the most advanced features for bettors.  Get access to many other gaming verticals from the same account.  Read the bet365 Germany review.


Bank with your betting site from Germany

How the list was constructed

It is as important to understand what this site is, and what it is not.  Many sports betting review sites are built simply to present you with the brands you probably know best with logos and banners.  Next to these logos you will likely see a 5-star rating or a very high numerical or letter grade with no actual reason or justification for this assessment.  This is not how we approach our betting site reviews.  

As you can see from my list at left, several of the biggest Germany betting sites,  many of whom sponsor Bundesliga clubs are not listed.  Unlike other review sites, I’m not interested in simply trading on a brand that you know.  I want you to play with the betting sites that I truly believe to be best for the German sports bettor.

My list only includes sites that have satisfied the following criteria:

I have researched over 30 of the World’s top sports betting companies from the perspectives of dozens of different national markets including the German perspective.  If I am not satisfied that any of these criteria have been sufficiently met, the reviewed site is not included in my list.

Unlike other review sites, I’m not here to list every online sportsbook that I’ve reviewed, tell you what is wrong with them, then hope to trade on their brand because they advertised a lot in Germany and you know their name.

I also don’t want to provide you with an overwhelming experience with too many choices - this is why we keep the list to the top eight betting sites only.  

I also don’t want to confuse you with a grading system.  Would you really believe a 5-star rating given to a betting site that you have never heard about?   I show you the best & most reputable companies with which you may bet from Germany.  My list is in alphabetical order with no preference.  They all provide an excellent experience, but have their differences.  Please read to find which one will suit you best.  Then please enjoy responsibly.