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High Limit Sports Betting in Germany

Wealthy bettors in Germany that want to wager and potentially win very large amounts of money need to know which betting sites offer the highest win limits.  Most online sportsbooks only market their service to the average recreational bettor.  This is evidenced by the many new customer bonus offers that are aimed to get people excited to sign up in order to gain ¤100 to ¤150 in free bets or bet credits.  If you expect to wager significant amounts of money, whether it be hundreds or thousands of Euros on a single bet, this obviously won’t get you very excited, but you will need to know which betting sites will be able to accept your action and pay out on your significant wagers.  So let us discuss how this usually works:    

Most betting sites set their limits for bettors by the amount of money that may be won in a given day.  Beyond a simple limit, some betting sites develop  limit tiers that take into account the applicable leagues or events, plus the applicable betting markets.  In a general sense, the larger the league is in terms of popularity, the larger the limits will be.  The same applies to betting markets.  Popular betting markets like match winner or point spread handicap markets will have the largest limits.  So when you combine these ideas, know that the largest win limits will tend to apply when betting on the most popular markets applied within top international football matches, top European club football matches and the top four leagues in North America including the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.  

This is all structured differently from betting site to betting site.  However, if you expect to bet on these most popular leagues and markets, your potential daily win limit in general be at least 100,000 Euros with most of our top betting sites.  Some have limits that can exceed 250,000 Euros, and one has limits above 1 million Euros.  As you move down the range of leagues in terms of popularity, the daily win limits will get lower.  So if you want to bet on other tiers of football or basketball or ice hockey or any sport, the maximum win limits will come down, even for simple match betting markets.  Simply put, less people will be betting on lower tiers within these sports, so betting sites will need to limit their potential payout liabilities a little more as compared to more popular leagues and events.

Furthermore, when it comes to betting on more obscure betting markets, win limits can get much lower compared to the top tier of limits.  This again comes down to liability.  Less people are betting on these markets.  Plus, there is a greater risk of match-fixing when it comes to smaller proposition bets where a single person might be able to affect the outcome with their actions.  For example, a betting market that might surround whether or not there might be a red card in a match is something that a single person can affect.  Technically, this kind of market is more vulnerable compared to fixing an overall match result that would require far more effort.  While any kind of ‘fixing’ is generally unlikely, especially in top leagues, in the end, no betting site wants to get burned in a big way on this kind of activity and this is why these types of bets will have a lower potential win limit.

Key Germany Sports Betting Issues

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How do win limits apply to combination or system bets:

For the most part, combination bets and system bets fall within the general daily win limits at most betting sites.  If you are going to make a combination or system bet, the win limit for that bet will be drawn from the single bet with the lowest limit.

For example, if your bet only includes the most popular kind of betting markets on leagues that are considered ‘Tier 1’ like the Bundesliga, then your combination bet will likely come under the highest possible daily win limit.

However, if you place a combination bet with five Bundesliga match results, then add a match winner from a much lower league, your maximum win limit will be that as associated with the bet on the lower league match.  In other words, betting on the lower league essentially brings down your potential win limit in such a case.

Also, if you had the same bet with five Bundesliga match results, but then added a more obscure betting market like a certain player to score, or a certain event happening in a match, the limit as applied to the more obscure betting market will likely be applied to the overall combination bet, again bringing down the overall allowable limit.

Depending on your particular levels for wagering, this might not matter much.  However, if you know you will test the limits, ensure that you do not mistakenly add bets that could drastically lower your overall betting limit.

Imagine if you hit on a big combination bet that might pay 50,000 Euros with your main match selections alone, but you added a little proposition bet which lowered the overall win limit of your bet down to 10,000 Euros.  The betting site will be entitled to limit your overall bet to the prescribed ¤10,000.

In many cases, the limits will not be applied until after the bet results are final.  Your bet slip will not be applying these rules and limits.  

You need to know the limits if you will be testing them.

For the biggest potential wins, stick to the big leagues and the big betting markets.  Result selections from smaller leagues and less popular betting markets can ‘taint’ your potential win limit, bringing it much lower.

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